About Us

We offer a full-line of tires backed by over 100 years’ experience. That’s what makes Mastercraft the Professional’s Choice.

 American work ethic. It means reliability. Passion. Pushing past the expected. All the while, exceedingly humble. To us, the American dream isn’t dollars. It’s doing good work, working hard, and making a difference.

These same traits can be found in Mastercraft® tires. American born, we embody the American spirit. Let’s humbly make a great tire. Let’s keep your family safe. And let’s give you the freedom to boldly go where ever you please.

Every tire company has great technology, safety, and features. But very few have the trust, the relationships, and the reputation to be the one professionals rely on. The more you know about tires, the more likely you own Mastercraft®. We are the tire people’s tire. Available to all.


The value choice

Mastercraft® value doesn’t mean cheap. It means you feel like you uncovered something no one else knows. Mastercraft® embodies the characteristics of the greatest tires in the world. We just happen to go about quietly delivering excellence day after day and year after year.

The people’s choice

Mastercraft® is a brand owned and backed by Cooper® Tire. Therefore, these are not lightweights. These are built for everyday performance. Created for tough conditions. And made to keep you safe and in control. American born and made, these are made to work as hard as Americans do.