Courser® MXT™

Life is a highway. And a dirt road. The Courser® MXT is an extreme off-road mud-terrain tire perfect for light truck owners and extreme off-roaders seeking aggressive off-road traction and excellent handling on the highway. The MXT sports an attractive “side biter” design and wide, deep tread grooves for superior off-road mud and snow traction performance.

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Tire Description

Make it ready.


Extreme on demand.

The amount of rubber on the road is optimized to provide excellent extreme terrain traction and enhanced driving feel.

Loves to be aggressive.

The aggressive upper deep "side biter" design increases off-road traction, as well as sidewall abrasion resistance.

Get that dirt off your shoulders.

The scallops provide a "mud-scoop" effect for superior off-road traction. Traction edges on the alternating shoulder elements add additional biting edges for improved lateral grip.

Get a grip. And keep it.

The wide grooves between the outer tread blocks allow the MXT to easily clean out, increasing grip for superior traction.

H2 no.

Siping for increased wet traction on the highway also provides extra biting edges for enhanced off-road traction. Even at half-worn, 80% of the MXT's sipes remain functional, providing for more consistent performance throughout the life of the tire.

Tire Features

Dry Performance

The tire’s ability to grip the road in dry conditions.

Quite Ride

The measure of how quiet a tire is while driving.


The tire’s ability to have grip on unpaved surfaces such as dirt, mud, sand, rock or gravel.

Wet Performance

The tire’s ability to grip the road in wet conditions.


How the tire is able to respond to driving such as accelerating, braking, steering and turning.

Tread Wear

The wear rate of the tire.

Warranties & Guarantees

2023 Commercial Replacement Tire Guide, Limited Warranty & Registration Booklet For Mastercraft® Tires

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Tire Specifications
Tire Specifications

Full Specs

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Tire Size
Load Range
Speed Rating
Load Index
  • Tire Size 12.5/75R17
  • Static Loaded Radius 0 in/ 0 mm
  • Load Range D
  • Tread Depth 21 / 17 mm
  • Revs 565 mile/ 351 km
  • Max Speed 94 mph/ 58 kmh
  • Tire Weight 72.1 lbs/ 32.7 kgs
  • Approved Rim Width 8.5-11.0 in
  • Single Max Load 3525 lbs/ 1598.9 kgs
  • Overall Diameter 37 in/ 940 mm
  • Single Inflation Pressure 50 psi/ 344 kpa
  • Overall Width 13.1 in/ 333 mm
  • Dual Max Load 0 lbs/ 0 kgs
  • Overall Width Loaded 13.1 in/ 333 mm
  • Dual Inflation Pressure 0 psi/ 0 kpa