Glacier MSR™

The Mastercraft® Glacier MSRTM winter truck & SUV tire provides confidence & control during winter driving. A unique winter tread compound provides balanced grip on dry, wet, and snowy surfaces. This tire delivers the strength, durability and control you expect from a Mastercraft™ truck & SUV tire. Severe Weather Rated and backed by a 45 Day Road Test* for assurance that this product will perform in the cold.

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Tire Description

Stability & Control

The new Glacier MSRTM truck & SUV tire sticks to the road, with more contact area than its predecessor which helps to provide you with stability and control in tough winter weather conditions

Excellent Grip In The Snow

The Glacier MSRTM truck & SUV tire features a tread design that uses trapped snow as a grip enhancer for reduced slipping on tough winter driving conditions

Grip In Corners

Designed for quicker and more consistent reaction to turning on snow and ice, giving you more control in turns and corners.

Ultimate Ice Traction

Engineered to allow for the addition of tire studs, helping to provide extreme grip and traction on ice, so when conditions start turning extreme, these tires power through

Tire Features

Dry Performance

The tire’s ability to grip the road in dry conditions.

Quite Ride

The measure of how quiet a tire is while driving.

Wet Performance

The tire’s ability to grip the road in wet conditions.


How the tire is able to respond to driving such as accelerating, braking, steering and turning.

Tread Wear

The wear rate of the tire.

Warranties & Guarantees

2023 Commercial Replacement Tire Guide, Limited Warranty & Registration Booklet For Mastercraft® Tires

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Tire Specifications
Tire Specifications

Full Specs

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Tire Size
Load Range
Speed Rating
Load Index
  • Tire Size 255/70R17
  • Static Loaded Radius 0 in/ 0 mm
  • Load Range SL
  • Tread Depth 13 / 10 mm
  • Revs 662 mile/ 411 km
  • Max Speed 118 mph/ 73 kmh
  • Tire Weight 36.9 lbs/ 16.7 kgs
  • Approved Rim Width 6.5-8.5 in
  • Single Max Load 2469 lbs/ 1119.9 kgs
  • Overall Diameter 0 in/ 0 mm
  • Single Inflation Pressure 44 psi/ 303 kpa
  • Overall Width 10.3 in/ 262 mm
  • Dual Max Load 0 lbs/ 0 kgs
  • Overall Width Loaded 10.3 in/ 262 mm
  • Dual Inflation Pressure 0 psi/ 0 kpa