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Did you know that not all tires fit all vehicles?

Let us help you find the right tire for your vehicle.

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SAFETY WARNING. Cooper® is always concerned about its customers' safety. For safety and good performance, you must take care when selecting replacement tires. Disregarding any of these Tire Safety Tips may result in tire failure or explosion and serious personal injury or death. ALWAYS read all of the Tire Safety Tips and Tire Replacement Guide before selecting replacement tires. ALWAYS check with your local tire dealer to confirm your tire selection, before replacing your tires. NEVER mount your own tires. Only specially trained persons should mount tires.

The fitments provided by this tire selector have been calculated by Tire Guides On-Line. The information contained in the Tire Guide On-Line data software applies only to standard vehicles that have not been modified. In addition, it should be understood that while these applications guidelines are accurate to the best of our knowledge, they are only guidelines. Whenever an individual servicing a vehicle notices conditions that are not covered by the recommendations, his expertise and judgment must supersede these recommendations.

ALWAYS confirm your fitment choices with the vehicle placard and the vehicle's owner's manual.

*See our warranty page for full details.
*Assumes proper maintenance and care of tires.